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Check out our packages + membership below! 

Walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to book your time in advance to walk right in and BREAK SH*T!

  • You've got 20 mins - BREAK IT ALL UP! (includes 20 small items to brea...

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    20 min

    40 US dollars
  • Let it ALLLL out - 30 mins to let loose and break 30 small items + 1 m...

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    30 min

    60 US dollars
  • Manage your anger with 45 mins to break 50 small items + 2 medium item...

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    45 min

    80 US dollars
  • 15 items x 15 mins x $15 (M-F 4 pm to 7 pm) (only 1 person)

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    15 min

    15 US dollars
  • Monthly unlimited SMASHING - BYOB or 20 small items to keep stress lev...

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    15 min

    99 US dollars
  • Got some stuff to break? Let loose in the BREAKROOM

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    20 min

    25 US dollars

*All packages include coveralls, safety helmet, gloves, your choice of breaking music, digital souvenir pic, and your choice of a breaking tool. Up to 2 people per room. *


SMASH YOUR WAY- Want to smash your ex’s bedroom? Hate your cubicle at work? Want to break down a door like a police officer? Bring a photo, let us create the scene for you and then you get to SMASH it to pieces! Call for custom pricing


CAR SMASH - The ULTIMATE breaking session where you get to take your tool of choice and smash a car to pieces. Includes a souvenir shirt, photos, and video of your experience with your song of choice. $1500  (Must reserve this session, no walk-ins) Up to 4 people

WANNA BOOK OUT THE BREAKROOM?Call for day rate - starting at $500. Date nights, bridezillas and their wedding party, birthdays, break-up parties, and corporate outings are welcome!


*  10 small items - $10
*  1 medium item - $15
*  1 large item - $20  / Premium items - $50+

*  More time to smash - $10/10 mins

*  Printed Souvenir photo - $10

*  Souvenir video with music - $25

*  Video + Photo bundle - $30

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