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Check out our packages + membership below! Walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to book your time in advance to walk right in and TAKE A BREAK!

*package prices are per person unless specified*

(DIS)Orderly Conduct  |  $45

You've got 20 mins,



Paint Splatter Room  |  $45

Take a creative BREAK and let create your own masterpiece

TEMPER Tantrum  |  $65

Let it ALLLL out,

30 mins to LET LOOSE

Paint + Rage Combo  |  $85

30 mins in each room,

the ULTIMATE break time!

ANGER Management  |  $85

45 mins of pure

ANGER management!

BREAK Buddy Membership  |  $99

Membership has PERKS! Take regular breaks with a discount!

*All packages include coveralls, safety helmet, gloves, your choice of breaking music, and your choices of breaking tools.

Package prices are PER PERSON  - Up to 4 people in the room at one time

*Breakable items are per person, the electronics are per package, and all items vary based on store inventory*


CAR SMASH - The ULTIMATE breaking session where you get to take your tool of choice and smash a car to pieces. Includes a souvenir shirt, photos, and a video of your experience with your song of choice. Starting at $2000  (Must reserve this session, no walk-ins) Up to 6 people included in price

WANNA BOOK OUT THE BREAKROOM?Call for rates for parties over 6 people, we will email you our party package details! Date nights, Bridal parties, Birthday parties, Divorce/Break-up parties, and Corporate Outings/Team Building are welcome!


* 10 small items - $10                             * Small/medium electronic - $25+
  * Premium items - $50+                              
* Digital Souvenir photos - $10

   * Souvenir video with music - $20                * Video + Photo bundle - $25


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